The Welding Institute applies advanced engineering and scientific principles to support the product innovation and optimisation of global industrial organisations. Over 70 years of experience, the institute has accumulated world-class knowhow and capabilities in the fields of joining, welding, material engineering and asset integrity.

TWI provides effective welding, joining and allied processes, demonstrates product integrity and performance, and establishes the causes & mitigates the effects of product or asset failures. The company can help your customers with a broad array of solutions, such as:

  • Providing a competitive advantage through the successful introduction of materials and joining & inspection processes for new or existing products
  • Integrated production solutions with adequate consideration of manufacture, inspectability and in-service product performance
  • Decreasing rework and scrap costs associated with current processes and procedures
  • Rapid identification of root causes of product failure during fabrication or service, and appropriate repair activities
  • Demonstrating fitness for service & performance of materials or products in specific operating conditions and service environments
  • Attracting and engaging with new customers, increasing sales, and exploring external funding opportunities
  • Helping with resourcing challenges and supply chain quality issues when expanding or maintaining an effective supply chain
  • Understanding, adopting and complying with codes and standards imposed by customers or government bodies
  • Relevant, tailored and effective training to maintain and expand staff competence
  • World-class expertise in litigation when dealing with liability exposure

TWI provides an integrated approach to joining, inspection and material implementation for your products. This includes a comprehensive range of activities, from specification and prototyping to commissioning, installation and training. The company can also assess your existing production processes and identify & rectify issues on site. Its extensive range of in-house testing facilities means it can investigate and validate the performance of all your materials, products or assets – including in-service inspection and monitoring and lifespan extension.