STÜWE – Made in Germany

STÜWE offers you the best frictional shaft-hub connections. Now in their third generation, STÜWE and its products have had a reputation for competence and quality for more than 70 years.

In addition to the standard range of shrink discs, frictional locking units, shaft couplings and cardan shaft connections, STÜWE also develops customised special solutions for your application.

Kühne Intertech GmbH is the North German representative for STÜWE and we look forward to working on many exciting projects together.

The Benefits 

In contrast to thermal and friction connections which are joined in other ways, STÜWE frictional connections can be easily and non-destructively installed and removed. The clearance fit between a shaft and a hub and between a hub and a STÜWE disc enables easy installation and removal. Renowned companies throughout the world appreciate this and the many other benefits of STÜWE products.

High Performance

  • Secure transmission at torques of up to over 18.000.000 Nm
  • Suitable for shaft diameters of 8 mm to over 1.000 mm
  • Quick and easy, space-saving installation and non-destructive removal
  • No fretting corrosion
  • Compact design
  • Normal surface finish quality of shafts & hubs
  • Can be used as an assembly for a specific application
  • Option to tighten using bolts or hydraulically

Shrink Disc – mechanical: HSD

Simple connection of cylindrical (hollow) shafts

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Shrink Disc – hydraulic: HYD

Quick assembly via hydraulic supply lines

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Shrink Disc – splitted: SDG

Simple attachment of gears, etc., to cylindrical shafts

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External Locking Unit: AS

Simple mounting of disc-shaped attachments on shafts

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Shaft Coupling: WK / WKL

Rigid connection of two shaft ends

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Flange Coupling: FKH / FKHA / FKHYD

Simple adaption of a flange to a shaft

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Cardan Shaft Coupling: GF

Simple connection of cardan shafts to shafts

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Internal Locking Unit: IS

Space-saving assembly of hubs on shafts

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Special solutions

In addition to the standard supply range, STÜWE offers a comprehensive selection of special solutions. Modern design methods ensure the consistent ongoing development of the product range and customised special solutions can be built based on client requirements. Whether dealing with small installation spaces or bridging distances between two shafts, STÜWE specialist engineers and industrial representatives are ready to assist at any time with your wishes, suggestions and adjustments.

Areas of Application

Wind Turbines
Axial fastening

Ship Propulsion Systems
Cable Railways

Slip-On Gear Units
Belt Drives

ISO Certified

As an ISO 9001 certified company, STÜWE covers everything from incoming goods inspection to the final checking of the precision product under control. The latest inspection and testing procedures combined with a highly accurate approach guarantee a consistently high quality, reliability and longevity for each individual frictional connection.

STÜWE is subject to regular quality audits by external authorised inspection bodies to ensure its promise of quality can be guaranteed in practice. In addition, the company works with all certification bodies to provide individual acceptance of products when required.