M9020 and other Friction materials

Woven brake lining M9020 for use in marine applications including deck machines for mooring and anchor winches, and cranes and hoists (including the industrial sector). Available in rolls, piece lengths, sheets, segments and rings. Different moulded materials also available in our product range. All materials are free of asbestos.

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Sonihull is a complete range of fit-and-forget antifouling solutions for any solid surface that is exposed to raw seawater: from shafts and waterjets to sea chests, tanks, keel coolers, box coolers, pipework, intakes and valves. Unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Sonihull is an inexpensive, low-maintenance and non-toxic solution to marine fouling.

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Composite bearing materials

Manufactured from synthetic fibres and thermosetting resins, all grades are available with internal lubrication that significantly reduces abrasion. Materials are available as rods, bushes, bearings, wear pads and much more besides.

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To accommodate misalignments and absorb shock loads and vibrations on industrial machines, we supply spare parts and complete flexible couplings of TB Woods Sure Flex (flanges and sleeves), Dura Flex (hubs and elements) and grid couplings in the 1000 / 2000 series.

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Alpha Diagnostics

Alpha Diagnostics are leading experts in measurement and analysis of torsional vibration, as well as designing easy-to-use maintenance tools for in-house maintenance teams. The vision is to provide the most sustainable and cost-effective maintenance of machines with a single diagnostics algorithm.

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Frictional Connections

With 70 years of know-how and 85 employees, STÜWE develops highly specialized friction connections for particularly demanding applications. Since the first shrink disc in 1967, STÜWE has manufactured exclusively in Germany and has remained faithful to its company headquarters in Hattingen. Our suppliers are chosen in accordance with the highest quality standards and we monitor them through regularly occurring audits.

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Third Party Machining

STÜWE has extensive machinery and is capable of machining rotationally symmetrical components of diameter 20mm – 2200mm and a height of 1400mm with a maximum component weight of 10t. Furthermore, STÜWE uses extensive 3D measurement technology, which enables the manufactured components to be checked directly for dimensional accuracy.

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Contact us

Tel: +49 (0)40 / 315001
Mail: info@kuehne-intertech.de

Who we are

Kühne Intertech is your partner for marine and industry – Established in 1986

We are a technical trading company specialized in supplying high quality brake and friction linings, as well as the accompanying fittings, synthetic composite-bearing materials, couplings for drive systems, frictional connections, machine condition-based monitoring and antifouling systems. Our team of skilled engineers perform on-site installations and ensure that the systems are running optimally.

Located all over the world, our clients include companies in the shipping, offshore, petrochemical and drive technology sectors as well as general industry. They range from original manufacturers and maintenance companies to end users. Strategically located in the port of Hamburg at the heart of the German shipping industry, our office provides the best possible service to customers as their preferred supplier of high-quality products, today and in the foreseeable future.

Woven brake lining M9020

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