AlphaSystem™ by Alpha Diagnostics  – Machine Condition-Based Monitoring from Switzerland

Alpha Diagnostics is a leading expert in the measurement and analysis of torsional vibration, as well as designing easy-to-use maintenance tools for in-house maintenance teams. Its vision is to provide the most sustainable and cost-effective maintenance of machines with a single diagnostics algorithm – AlphaSystem™.

AlphaSystem™ is the most advanced independent solution for condition-based monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machines. It is designed to elevate in-house teams into machine condition experts and enable more sustainable, reliable and cost-effective maintenance operations.

AlphaSystem™ for engines

Easily monitor the condition of several engines simultaneously with accurate condition indicators.

Realtime condition-based monitoring system for all types of combustion engines. Based on torsional vibration measured by speed sensor. Analyses the thermal and mechanical operating condition of an engine.

Product Features:

  • Two and four stroke engines
  • Up to 24 cylinders
  • Inline and V-type engines
  • Diesel, natural gas, gasoline and heavy oil engines
  • Cylinder-specific diagnosis requires only two speed sensors
  • Existing speed sensor signals can be used if available
  • Independent of manufacturer


AlphaSystem™ for Torque

Ensure highly sensitive and reliable shaft diagnostics data with just two externally mounted speed sensors. AlphaSystem™ is suitable for any rotating shaft. It measures the power transmitted by the shaft and detects the twist angle. The dynamic and static torque and power transmitted by the shaft is measured without the need to install electronic or electric components on the shaft.

Product Features:

  • Easy retrofit on any rotating shaft
  • Only two speed sensors required
  • Dynamic and static torque measurement
  • Power transmitted by shaft
  • Shaft fatigue indicator

The Latest Technology in Machine Condition-Based Monitoring

Monitoring the condition of a vessel’s main and auxiliary engines is not the only function AlphaSystem™ provides. It also allows crew members to diagnose turbochargers, alternators and bearings on their powertrain.

Additionally, the torque module provides operators with a way to measure static and dynamic torque on the vessel’s shaft. Diagnostic data of a complete fleet can be analysed via a central database, enabling fleet owners to optimise maintenance time and avoid excessive fuel consumption.