Flexible couplings


For over 50 years, TB Wood’s has led the coupling industry with its original Sure-Flex design. The new Sure-Flex Plus EPDM and Neoprene sleeves are best-in-class for coupling performance and value. Their four-way flexing action absorbs virtually all types of shock, misalignment and end float. They eliminate the need for lubrication and maintenance and provide clean, dependable, and quiet performance for a variety of applications.

Product features

  • High torque rating – 30% Increased torque rating, EPDM and neoprene
  • Longer life – Sure-Flex Plus lasts over three times longer than the competition
  • Better value – saves money by using a smaller coupling
  • Interchangeable – retrofits to existing flanges
  • Up to 8.20 kNm; 72,480 lb·in
  • 7 to 21-degree torsional wind-up
  • Bored-to-size, spacer, bushed flange, and clamp flange designs in stock
  • Flexible design accommodates misalignment and protects equipment
  • No lubrication required
  • One-piece, split and two-piece sleeve constructions allow for easy installation under any conditions
  • ATEX compliant


TB Wood’s Dura-Flex couplings are designed from the ground up using finite element analysis to maximise flex life. Perfect for a wide variety of applications – including uniform to heavy shock loads – Dura-Flex couplings employ a lightweight element that absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration. They are available in stock bore-to-size (BTS), Taper-Lock® and Sure-Grip® bushed (QD) hubs.

Product features

  • Up to 4.50 kNm; 39,500 lb·in
  • Easy to assemble/replace
  • High misalignment ratings
  • No maintenance/lubrication
  • Part-for-part interchangeable with industry standard design
  • In-stock versatile spacer design accommodates many configurations with few parts
  • Designed from the ground up using finite element analysis to maximise flex life
  • Easy two-piece element installation without need to move hubs during replacement
  • One spacer size to handle most between-shaft spacings
  • Lightweight element absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration
  • Same hubs used on both spacer and standard elements
  • Strong chemical resistance

Taper grid coupling

Our taper grid coupling has torsional flexibility, allowing it to absorb shock loads and vibrations. Should an overload occur during use the grid will break and act as a safety device, preventing damage to shaft and machine. Moreover, if a serious misalignment occurs due to machinery damage during use, the grid or hub breaks away, halting action and minimising the damage.

The couplings provide vibration reduction, more than doubling the service life of mechanical seals, bearings, and other parts. They ensure an excellent power transmission performance with low noise. The grid is manufactured according to industry standards, making it completely interchangeable.

Product features

  • High torque capacity
  • High torsional flexibility absorbing shock loads and vibrations
  • Shot-peened grid surface
  • Easy to assemble, install and replace
  • Completely interchangeable, corresponding to the industry standard
  • Tolerates parallel, angular, and axial misalignment
  • Aluminium horizontal split cover and steel vertical cover designs are available