Composite bearing materials

Composite Bearing

Our composite bearing material is technical compound made from synthetic fibres and hardened synthetic resin.

The bearing materials could be produced with incorporated lubrications, meaning the material is constantly lubricated and the abrasion will be massively reduced.

This product provides you with both an attractive and economical alternative to traditional materials (such as bronze) and can be used for bushings, bearings and other applications across all sectors of industry.

We can also produce special component parts using sketches provided by the customer, tailor-made to suit your ideas, wishes and requirements.

We already stock some raw materials – however, one of our key strengths is manufacture and store products according to customer specifications, meaning delivery times are generally kept to a minimum.

The material is maintenance-free. Lubricants include graphite, Teflon and molybdenum disulphide.

We can produce materials in many different colours on request.