Brake lining

Brake lining M9020

Our M9020 product is a woven, asbestos-free friction lining with brass wire inserts. It is suitable for light to heavy duty applications, such as:

  • winches
  • cranes
  • lifts

as well as other industrial high-performance applications.

The flexible material is characterised by its high friction coefficient, fantastic braking properties and its amazing ability to return to its friction coefficient when subject to high-stress conditions. M9020 is oil-resistant and is therefore able to be used in applications operated with oil, albeit with a lower friction coefficient than when used in dry applications.

Germanischer Lloyd have approved M9020 to be used in ship winches in the G/L categories (cert. no: KBZ 1242 HH).

In addition to our M9020 woven friction lining, our range also includes various other friction materials, in both roll and sheet form, with and without metal inserts.

We can also produce ring segments or tailor-made solutions on request. Just send us a drawing or sample!

Brief description of the material

Woven x
Oil-resistant x
Metallic x
Asbestos-free x

Availability of materials

Sheets x
Rolls x
Roll pieces x

Rivets, screws and more

In addition to our woven M9020 brake lining, our range also includes the necessary fittings. Depending on the winch manufacturer, you’ll need either rivets, screws and nuts, or adhesives and hardening agents too. The information we would need to generate a quote: diameter x length, and of course, the required quantity.


Flat-head, semi-tubular copper rivets in standard diameters of 6, 8 and 10 mm, available in many different lengths ex stock from Hamburg.


Countersunk head brass screws and nuts in standard diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm, available in many different lengths ex stock from Hamburg.

Two-component adhesives

Cans of adhesives and hardening agents are also available ex stock from Hamburg.